National Monument


In 1996, the excavation site was declared as a National Monument under the National Monuments Act:

Under the Government Gazette No. 17457, dated 4 October 1996: “The Langebaanweg fossil site, situated on Portion 1 of the farm Langeberg 188, in the Division of Malmesbury, in extent 13,9983 one three comma nine nine eight three) hectares, as indicated by the figures ABCDEF on Surveyor's Diagram SG 2216/1996, dated 22 April 1996, and filed in the office of the Survey-General in Cape Town and on File 9/2/042/14 in the office of the National Monuments Council in Cape Town. Deed of Transfer T520982/1986, dated 18 December 1986



Provincial Heritage Site


In 1999, the excavation site automatically became a Provincial Heritage Site under the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999). Then in 2012, Heritage Western Cape expanded the area protected as a Provincial Heritage Site to cover the whole extent of the fossil park, and not only the excavation site.



National Heritage Site


In 2014, the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) declared the whole extent of the West Coast Fossil Park as a National Heritage Site.