Fossil Animals


Among the numerous fossil fragments of ancient mammals, over 40 specimens of aardvarks (Family:… read more


Langebaanweg is probably the richest fossil bird site older than 2 million years in the world!… read more


Proboscideans (elephants and their close relatives) are found in abundance at Langebaanweg, and… read more

Giraffes and Bovids

Prof. Terry Harrison’s research at Langebaanweg is based on comparisons of the mammalianfauna … read more

Hipparion or Three-Toed Horse

Amongst the many mammalian groups present at Langebaanweg are included a substantial sample of… read more


We do not have any complete skeletons of the Langebaanweg hippos (hippopotamids). These animals… read more


Hyenas are members of the Family Hyaenidae. Despite their outward appearance, they are more… read more


A micromammal is a small mammal such as a shrew, mouse, rat or mole rat. What can these small… read more

Wild Pigs

The Langebaanweg wild pigs (or suids as they are scientifically called as they belong to the… read more

Other Fossil Sites

Anyskop Blowout

An important, open-air, archaeological locality known as the Anyskop Blowout is located within… read more

Baards Quarry

There are only two fossil assemblages dating to the Late Pliocene on the west coast of South… read more

Past Environments

Changing sea levels

Sea levels drop globally during an ice age (also called a glacial period) as seawater is taken… read more

Geology at the WCFP

The Langebaanweg ‘E’ Quarry sediments form part of the Varswater Formation which is part of the… read more

How old is it anyway?

Relative dating methods are used to indicate the general age of a given fossil or artefact and… read more

Isotopes in palaeontology and archaeology

The isotopes of a chemical element are the various configurations of its atoms. For example,… read more


Paleoecology is the investigation of individuals, populations, and communities… read more

Plants in the past

Almost all plant life on Earth can be divided into three categories based on the way plants… read more

The environment 5-5.2 million years ago

During the course of her doctorate, Tamara Franz-Odendaal did stable isotope analyses on many of… read more

What we know from fossil bones and teeth

In order to try and work out how extinct animals lived and behaved, scientists study the… read more

Plants and Animals

Modern bird species at the park

Table of modern bird species located in and amongst the park with scientific names, common names… read more

Relationship between modern fauna and flora

Have Vegetation Rehabilitation Regimes At the West Coast Fossil Park Effectively Restored Faunal… read more